X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum Review

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Are you interested in music, events like drum circles, and you want to find a new percussion instrument to play? We want you to look at a specific African drum, the djembe, and we have an excellent model you might be interested in.

X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum

The X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum is a hand-carved and hand-painted authentic African drum that can produce unique tones. Yet, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Who is This Product For?

The X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum is designed for anyone who wants a midsize djembe to play at home, in a drum circle, or anywhere else. This drum is ideal for beginners and expert players alike, as it is very easy to learn yet also very diverse.

Moreover, if you are interested in spirituality, African culture, or participating in drum circles, this could be the right instrument for you.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum, you get an authentic and handcrafted djembe made out of legally harvested mahogany wood.

It measures 16 inches tall with an 8-inch wide drumhead. It has the classic ropes running vertically along the circumference, which can be used for tuning.

Overview of Features

Something that really stands out about the X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum is the fabulous look. Because this drum is made of mahogany, it looks very nice – there aren’t many types of wood that look better than mahogany.

Mahogany is one of the toughest woods, as it has impressive impact and moisture resistance; you know that this drum should last for quite some time.

Moreover, the X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum is also hand-painted, and we have to say that the paint job looks quite nice. The traditional yet straightforward painting on this drum makes it look very authentic, which, for all intents and purposes, it is.

Not only is the X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum made of natural wood, but it was hand-carved and handcrafted by African drum-making experts. It is also worth noting that the mahogany used for these drums was legally harvested from mahogany plantations.

On that same note, the head of the X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum is goatskin, which is durable and produces the classic djembe sound you expect.

Thanks to the goatskin head, the shape and the material of the body, and the rope tuning system – which all djembes have – you can expect this particular drum to be very loud and produce an extensive range of tones.

We like that this drum is 16 inches tall because it allows for some pretty loud playing. We would also say that while 16 inches is not massive by any means, it is large enough to be used for large gatherings such as drum circles, where you require your drum to be loud and with an excellent tonal range.

Yet, it’s not so large or heavy that it would no longer be considered portable. In this sense, you really get the best of both worlds.


Although the X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum may look like a straightforward instrument to play, it actually requires a good deal of skill. There is more to it than just beating the drumhead.

If you expect the djembe to make all of the sounds it is capable of, you need to use the proper technique, which this tutorial video will teach you.


  • Real wood
  • Genuine goatskin
  • Hand-carved and hand-painted
  • Good volume
  • Good tonal range
  • Reasonable price
  • Looks very nice
  • Durable


  • Takes a bit of work to tune it
  • Paint starts to wear off with prolonged use


We realize that the X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum might be a little too large for you. If this is the case, something smaller like the Jerusalem Imports African Djembe Drum might be better suited for you.

If you don’t want a djembe and would rather have something like a steel tongue drum, you should check out the Regis Steel Tongue Drum.


If you want a high-quality, authentic, and great-sounding djembe, the X8 Drums Djembe African Hand Drum is a great option to consider. It’s a good size, it produces excellent tones and volume, it looks authentic, and it’s not too expensive.

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