5 Best Singing Bowls for Meditation in 2024 Reviews with Comparisons

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The chance to relax and calm our minds using meditation brings many benefits, not least for our mental health. This has been especially true in recent times with all that has been happening in the world.

Anything that can help us achieve that state of calm is welcome, probably why singing bowls for meditation has soared in popularity.

There are many singing bowls for meditation, so to help you narrow your search and select one, we will review 5 of the best singing bowls for meditation; we will also pinpoint their respective pros and cons.

Best Singing Bowls For Meditation Reviews

Singing Bowl Nepal Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

If Scotland is the best place for whiskey and Italy for pasta, the Far East must surely be the best place for aids to meditation, so these Tibetan singing bowls are bound to be beneficial.


Whenever a product is handcrafted, you can almost be certain that it has been made to a high standard and with care, and once you see and feel this set of Tibetan Singing Bowls, you will surely agree this is the case.

They are made in Nepal by hand using a unique combination of carefully selected metals, including zinc, lead, tin, iron, copper, silver, and gold. These 7 metals represent the planets in our solar system, plus the moon and the sun.

Each singing bowl is professionally tuned to produce a specific note when it is used, which aligns with the sound needed to create a peaceful and calming environment around you.

The bowls include a series of three adjacent lines that go around the bowl’s circumference. The bowls’ and exterior surfaces have a dimpled effect similar to that seen on a golf ball.

You need to use certain accessories to use singing bowls for meditation, and this set of singing bowls includes them. These include a striker and round silk cushion upon which they can be placed.


  • Handcrafted in Nepal
  • Made using a unique combination of 7 metals
  • Visually pleasing design
  • Strikers and silk cushions included
  • Multiple uses – meditation, yoga, chakra healing


  • Bowls smaller than images suggest
  • Colors may not match chakras

CVNC Store Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Those familiar with traditional ways of improving our well-being will undoubtedly be aware of the importance of chakras. These CVNC singing bowls designed to balance chakras, and provide other benefits, are worth a closer look.


Our bodies have 7 chakra areas, and it is only logical that the CVNC chakra-tuned singing bowls come in a set of 7; each bowl is tuned to a specific chakra. They are identified by the color and symbol seen at the bottom of each bowl’s interior.

This set of singing bowls is made from quartz crystal, and they are hand produced by skilled craftspeople. This ensures that the precise tone needed to align with each chakra is present in each bowl related to it.

Those notes, the sizes of the bowls, and the chakras they relate to are as follows: 12″ ‘C’ = Root Chakra, 11″ ‘D’ = Navel Chakra, 10″ ‘E’ = Solar Plexus Chakra, 9″ ‘F’ = Heart Chakra, 8″ ‘G’ = Throat Chakra, 7″ ‘A’ = Third-Eye Chakra, and 6″ ‘B’ = Crown Chakra.

In addition to the 7 singing bowls, you will also receive the accessories needed to use and benefit from them. Seven rubber O-rings act as bases for each bowl. There is also a rubber mallet and suede stick for hitting or rubbing the bowls’ edge to create the sounds.


  • Handcrafted and tuned
  • Made from quartz crystal
  • Each bowl relates to an individual chakra area
  • Comes with mallet and suede stick
  • O-ring bases included


  • Tools could be better quality
  • No carry case

Topfund Store D Note Crystal Singing Bowl

This review is not for a set of singing bowls but for a single singing bowl. The Topfund Crystal Singing Bowl is tuned to the sacral chakra, or the navel chakra, as some call it.


The sacral chakra is at the core of our emotions and feelings, and it is considered extremely important. This is why having a singing bowl that is specifically tuned to align with the sacral chakra is highly desirable; this singing bowl from Topfund just happens to be tuned in that way.

This singing bowl is tuned to the ‘D’ note. This is achieved both by the bowl’s size, diameter, and the material it is made from. That material is the purest quartz crystal; not only is the core material of the highest quality, but the manufacturing process and standards are too.

Apart from the quality, the accompanying accessories elevate this set above many others. First, there is the suede striker, which has its own soft pouch. You also receive an O-ring which acts as a base for the singing bowl.

Also, the bowl comes with a soft bag, plus a heavy-duty carrying case that protects the bowl and everything inside it. This carry bag has a heavy-duty sponge all around that ensures even if the bag is knocked, the bowl is in no danger of being damaged.


  • Made from pure quartz crystal
  • Tuned specifically for the sacral chakra
  • Suede striker and O-ring included
  • Comes with a bundle pocket and soft bag
  • Carrying bag with sponge protection


  • Striker not very durable
  • Doesn’t always hold the note

Himalayan Bazaar Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

If there was somewhere you would want your singing bowl for meditation to be produced, it would be a location known for its spiritual and mystic healing methods; given that Nepal is one of those places, this singing bowl fits the bill.


This Tibetan singing bowl is one that not only produces beautiful sounds, it is also one of beauty. The highly decorative design of the bowl enhances its Tibetan credentials.

The bowl’s quality is exceptional and made all the more impressive. Each is handcrafted in Nepal by skilled craftspeople who ensure every bowl they make is as perfect as possible. The bowls are made from a combination of seven specially designated metals.

The uses of this bowl are plentiful, with the most obvious being for meditation. It can also aid creative thinking, practicing yoga, praying, cleansing the mind, or assisting chakra healing. It should also be noted that it makes an excellent gift in its own right due to its beautiful design. On a practical level, it is competitively priced.

That is made even more competitive when you consider what the bowl comes with. As well as a striking mallet, you also receive a hand-sewn silk cushion for the bowl to sit on.


  • Handcrafted in Nepal
  • Wonderful decorative design
  • Made from 7 specially chosen metals
  • An ideal gift
  • Excellent value for money


  • Felt on the mallet is poor
  • No instructions included

Smequeen Crystal Singing Bowl

It could be argued that our fifth and final singing bowl for meditation is the simplest of them all, but this should not be seen as a negative but a positive attribute of the Smequeen Crystal Singing Bowl.


We say its simplicity is a positive because this crystal singing bowl is are designed to relax and calm you, and those states are mind are achieved best when complications are at a minimum. Indeed, the design could not be more straightforward given its single color throughout.

The Smequeen singing bowel is made from pure, natural quartz, and a unique frosting technology gives it its uniform and simple finish. The edges are rounded to complete the uncomplicated appearance.

The manufacturing process ensures that it is perfectly tuned to the ‘F’ note when it is being used. This is the note most closely associated with the heart chakra and helps with our emotions and healing. The bowl can be used to assist meditation while doing yoga, chakra healing, or simply when you wish to relax.

Other items you will receive when your singing bowl is delivered include the O-ring on which the bowl can be placed, plus the mallet you use to tap the bowl or rub around its circumference.


  • Simple, uncomplicated design
  • Made with natural quartz crystal
  • Tuned to heart chakra ‘F’ note
  • O-ring is included
  • Multiple uses include yoga and meditation


  • Mallet quality is not great
  • No carry bag

Final Verdict

If our reviews have helped move your search for a singing bowl for meditation forward, we are delighted. We always identify our favorite: Because it comes with a complete set of 7 authentic singing bowls from Nepal, each of them handcrafted, we opt for the Singing Bowl Nepal Tibetan Singing Bowl Set.

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