Lotmusic Djembe African Drum Review

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If you are interested in learning how to play a percussive instrument but know exactly where to start, something like a small Djembe might be ideal for you.

Djembes have tribal connotations, which makes them great for a range of ceremonies and for things like drum circles, but this doesn’t mean that djembes can’t be used for fun and basic music playing.

Djembes can be quite large and expensive, but you can also buy relatively small and affordable models – like the drum we will review today.

Lotmusic Djembe African Drum

The Lotmusic Djembe African Drum is a small drum under a foot in height, weighing just a couple of pounds. It’s perfect for beginners.

Most would qualify this as a beginner’s or children’s djembe due to its small size, but realistically, anyone can use it, and thanks to its low price tag, it’s ideal for everybody. It looks nice, it sounds great, and it doesn’t cost much.

Who is This Product For?

As mentioned above, the Lotmusic Djembe African Drum is designed for children due to its small size, making it ideal for beginners to see if the djembe is the right drum for them.

That said, djembe drums can be used for various purposes, whether for tribal or spiritual ceremonies, drum circles, or just practicing and jamming with friends.

Due to its reasonable price, it’s also a good option for anybody who wants a percussion instrument without having to pay a fortune for it.

What’s included?

When you purchase the Lotmusic Djembe African Drum, besides the drum itself, there is nothing else included. The drum itself is under a foot tall and weighs about 2 pounds; the head is genuine goatskin, and it comes with climbing rope.

Overview of Features

When it comes to stunning African drums, this djembe drum is up there with the best. It features a cotton linen pattern on the exterior, a lovely African design full of color and culture. It looks likes a cultural or tribal drum.

In terms of the size, the in at 8.3” x 11.2”, making it relatively small. It’s also very lightweight, weighing well under 2 pounds. This has several benefits, with one being that you can keep this drum in small spaces, and you can easily put it in a backpack for transportation.

Moreover, this small size and lightweight design are also ideal for kids and beginners.

Although the Lotmusic Djembe African Drum may not be very large, it is impressively loud. It produces many different tones depending on how it is played, and this can be soft or loud.  Make no mistake about it because it can create quite some volume.

This drum has quite a wide range and can produce piercing slapping sounds and really deep bass tones. The sound of the Lotmusic Djembe African Drum is also very stable, and it’s precise too.

This drum’s head is genuine goatskin, which is not only fantastic for producing natural and genuine-sounding tones but also for durability’s sake. When goatskin is treated correctly, it can be durable and long-lasting.

One of the djembe drums’ defining features is the strings running from the top to the body’s bottom. These strings can be loosened or tightened to tune the drum to the sounds that it produces.

Moreover, the rope is made with high-quality climbing rope, so it shouldn’t break or tear anytime soon. All in all, although this drum is a bit small, it’s loud, durable, and easy to play.


If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start with your djembe drum, we have included a good tutorial video for beginners. It’s a good guide that will teach you how to produce all of the different tones on the djembe drum.


  • Good price
  • Durable design
  • Looks very nice
  • Real goatskin head
  • It can be tuned by adjusting the topes
  • Good size for children and beginners
  • Great for practice


  • A bit on the small size
  • May need replacement ropes after prolonged use


If the Lotmusic Djembe African Drum is just a bit too small for you, an excellent alternative is the JIVE BRAND Djembe Drum.

On the other hand, if you want something smaller for kids or just having it on a shelf as a decoration and basic play, you might enjoy something like the Jerusalem Imports Djembe Drum.


Although the Lotmusic Djembe African Drum is not huge, it is loud, it sounds authentic, and it looks great, not to mention that it comes at a reasonable price.

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