5 Best Steel Tongue Drums for Beginners in 2024

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One of the great things about playing music is its diversity, as evidenced by the vast array of musical instruments. Wind, brass, keyboards, guitar, string, and percussion – and within each group) are many individual instruments.

One example is with percussion and its many drums. One drum in particular especially popular with beginners is the steel tongue drum. It is ideal for all ages and is great fun too.

Here are our reviews of some of the best steel tongue drums for beginners, which we hope will help you make your choice.

Best Steel Tongue Drums For Beginners Reviews

Panyard W1070 Steel Drum

We start with the Panyard W1070 steel drum, which will appeal to a broad range of people, including beginners, adults, schools, and children’s clubs, thanks to its authentic sound and the ease with which it can be played.


While many beginner steel drums are little more than toys, the W1070 from Panyard is undoubtedly the real thing, and that is evident when you start to play it and hear the authentic steel drum sounds it makes. This sound is due not least because of the steel’s quality, which is akin to many higher-end drums.

Its popularity spans many groups, including beginners, for whom this drum makes the ideal first drum.

Part of the reason is the beginner’s songbook which comes with the drum, and the fact that the individual notes are clearly marked on the playing surface of the drum.

As well as the songbook, the drum also comes with a CD which everyone can play along to.

There is also a carrying case meaning the drum can be taken to school,  club, or even parties where you could be the star. The mallets needed to play the drum are also included.

We must not forget to mention that the stand that the drum sits on for playing is also included, and this is adjustable to suit the height of the person playing it.


  • Easy to play
  • Songbook and CD included
  • Suitable for all levels and ages
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Adjustable stand


  • Not the cheapest
  • Notes letters could be bigger

Ulalov 13 Inch 15 Note Steel Tongue Drum

This Ulalov steel tongue drum is one that players of all levels will enjoy playing, and it is ideal for learning. The sound quality will allow more experienced players to produce drum music close to the professional level possible.


Ulalov is a manufacturer whose specialty is steel drums, and that is probably why the quality, not only of the drum itself but also of the music produced when it is played, is so high.

The drum is made from carbon steel, producing a pure and crisp sound when each note is played.

The surface is painted using protective paint so that no matter how many times you play it, it remains looking and sounding as good as new. This paint will resist scratches, rusting, and other damage, such as scrapes and abrasions.

This steel drum has 15 different notes, and each is clearly marked on the drum’s surface. Beginners start out on this drum, but they will be learning to play on a drum set up for professional playing as they advance.

To keep the drum stable while it is being played, it has 3 rubber feet, and as you will probably have already realized, it is fully portable with a fabric carry case to keep the drum protected en route.

Playing can be done using 2 pairs of mallets that come with the drum; if you prefer, it can also be played using your hands using the included finger picks.


  • High-quality carbon steel
  • Protective paint coating
  • Professional sound quality
  • 15 different notes
  • Dual play – mallets or fingerpicks


  • Note numbers hard to see
  • Pricier than others

KK Tect 10 Inch Steel Tongue Drum

Our next steel drum is the KK Tect 10-inch drum which comes with everything beginners, children, or adults will need to learn and play; plus, it also makes a great gift.


It would probably be more appropriate to call this a steel drum kit, given that it comes with so many of the items that everyone, from beginner to an expert, would want or need.

There is the drum (obviously), but you will also receive two mallets, a mallet stand, finger rings, note/scale stickers, a music book, and an excellent storage bag with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

We mentioned finger rings to highlight that you play this drum in different ways, including the mallets, using the finger rings, or playing with your hands or fingers without the finger rings.

This version is 10-inches in diameter, although there is also a 12-inch version available. The material used for the drum is high-quality titanium steel which not only ensures that the drum is durable and should last but also helps to produce pitch-perfect notes when it is played.

To further prolong the drum’s lifetime, it is painted using special plating paint, which will not peel and ensure that whether you play ten or ten thousand notes will still be looking good.


  • Made from high-quality titanium-steel
  • Plating paint to protect the surface
  • Multiple playing options
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Makes an ideal gift


  • Scale stickers are poor
  • Moves occasionally when being played

Eastrock 10 Inch Steel Tongue Drum

For anyone who is a beginner, one of the things you want is simplicity, and that is what the Eastrock Steel Tongue Drum provides, meaning you can learn to play quicker and easier.


We mentioned simplicity in the introduction, but it does not mean that this Eastrock steel drum does not come with some handy extras.

Apart from the drum and the mallets you play it with, there is a bracket to store the mallets, stickers which can be used to indicate notes on the drum, 4 finger picks, a music book to help beginners to learn, and a travel bag so you can take your drum anywhere you wish.

This specific version is the 10-inch steel tongue drum. However, there are other sizes available – the 6-inch and 12-inch. Choices extend to the drum’s color, with black being the primary option, but you could also pick blue, brown, or green if you prefer.

Each drum is handmade, and the primary material used is titanium steel which ensures the drum will be durable. The coating is a unique paint designed to resist peeling and scratches, and other wear.

This will obviously appeal to beginners, but more experienced players will also benefit, thanks to the quality of the sounds being played. This will also be an excellent gift, especially for children.


  • Hand made from titanium steel
  • Choice of size and color
  • Excellent carrying bag
  • Great gift for children
  • Excellent value for money


  • Songbook has no lyrics
  • Mallets are not the best quality

Mituten Steel Tongue Drum

Our final review looks at the Mituten Steel Tongue Drum, which has many attributes that beginners will love, not least the superb value for money that it offers for anyone buying it.


Beginners might be afraid they might not like their new hobby or struggle to learn. With this Mituten steel tongue, they will not have wasted a lot of money; its price is low enough that it is actually about 20% the cost of similar drums.

The drum is handmade, which is always welcome, plus the material used is a steel alloy, meaning that it should not only last for a long time but the quality of the notes it produces when struck will be high.

The coating protects the drum and can be 5 different colors with a choice of red, black, pink, white, and lake blue.

The accessories coming with the drum include the 2 mallets, 4 fingerpicks, a music book, and a soft carry bag, which allows you to take your drum and play it wherever you choose.

This drum is easy to play, so beginners will love it; if you know someone, especially a child, this would be an ideal gift, especially given the excellent price.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Choice of 5 colors
  • Soft material carry bag
  • Includes finger picks and tutorial book
  • Very low price


  • Only 8 notes
  • Stickers prone to peeling

Final Verdict

We hope you have enjoyed our reviews of steel tongue drums for beginners, and now we will select what we believe to be the best.

It was close but, in the end, we went for the KK Tect 10 Inch Steel Tongue Drum as it provides the best balance of quality, ease of use, accessories, and value for money.

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