Moukey Steel Tongue Drum Review

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Steel tongue drums are quite old; they are used in many parts of the world, serving various purposes. They can guide spiritual journeys, be used for psychological and meditative purposes, and are often used for religious and tribal ceremonies.

Of course, it’s a musical instrument, so it can be used whenever music is being played, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Suppose you are interested in the spiritual side as well as the physical playing aspect of playing music. In that case, something like a steel tongue drum might be worth looking into. In this article, we review one such steel tongue drum.

Moukey Steel Tongue Drum

The Moukey Steel Tongue Drum is very simple and black. It might not look like much, but it does not really cost much. This drum can produce 11 tones or notes; the tones are very accurate, and this drum is very loud.

Who is This Product For?

The Moukey Steel Tongue Drum is designed for anyone who wants a moderate-sized steel tongue drum that looks relatively plain.

Of course, how the drum looks is important, but some people like plainness; after all, this drum’s main objective is to make great music, not look stylish. That said, the plain black appearance of this drum OK, just not super attractive.

Whatever the case may be, if you are interested in percussion instruments from around the world, and you like music in general, this very unique Moukey Steel Tongue Drum could be a cool thing for you to look into.

It’s made not only for people who just want to play music but also for those who want to engage in spiritual, cultural, and religious aspects of life that involve music. Keep in mind that this drum is ideal for people working with a reasonably limited budget.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Moukey Steel Tongue Drum, you get a 5.5” high and 10” wide drum made of handcrafted stainless steel. This drum has 11 tongues in the pentatonic scale. You also get three silicone feet for stability, two mallets, and a carrying case too.

Overview of Features

The Moukey Steel Tongue Drum is made of stainless steel, which is more than durable enough to resist denting and warping; it is not susceptible to corrosion, it’s not super heavy, and it produces excellent tones.

Although the Moukey Steel Tongue Drum, although not very expensive, it is handmade. You know you are getting the real deal, not something that has been mass-produced. These drums are thoroughly checked for quality and musical accuracy.

This steel tongue drum can produce 11 different tones on the pentatonic scale; the tongues’ cutting has been done well, so the sounds are very accurate.

Moreover, due to this drum’s shape and the materials used, it is quite loud and easy to hear. Also, to help beginners, each of the tongues is labeled according to the note it plays.

The range of sounds that the Moukey Steel Tongue Drum can produce is nothing short of impressive. Finally, to offer decent stability, this drum comes with three silicone feet.


In case you need a bit of help getting started with your new steel tongue drum, check out the tutorial video that we have included. As you will find out, these are very easy-to-play instruments.


  • Durable and impact resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Not too big or heavy
  • 11 tones
  • Accurate tone reproduction
  • Easy to play
  • Affordable


  • Looks a bit plain
  • Silicone feet could be of a higher quality


If the Moukey Steel Tongue Drum is not what you are looking for, maybe because you want something that looks a bit fancier, the gold-black Asmuse Steel Tongue Drum could be suitable for you, although it produces only eight notes.

On the other hand, if you want a miniature steel tongue drum that is only 6” wide,  the REGIS Steel tongue drum might interest you.


As you can see, the Moukey Steel Tongue Drum may look plain and unassuming, but it is made of durable and high-quality materials. It is easy to play and accurately reproduces nine different tones; it’s relatively lightweight and beginner-friendly.

If you are looking for an affordable and functional steel tongue drum, this option from Moukey is one of the better ones.

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