DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl Review

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There is no better than a Tibetan singing bowl for unique instruments that serve musical and spiritual purposes. Tibetan singing bowls have been around for quite some time.

Their primary objective is to aid in relaxation, help guide meditation, aid in prayer and related spiritual purposes.

If you like music and want to start on the path to enlightenment, a Tibetan singing bowl like the one we are about to review might be what you need.

DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl

The DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl is a very affordable and simple Tibetan singing bowl that works superbly as a spiritual and meditation aid. It is also great to play as just a musical instrument.

While this is not the fanciest or the most expensive Tibetan singing bowl, it works really well, it comes with everything you need to play it, and it looks nice. It’s the perfect introductory product for beginners.

Who is This Product For?

The DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl is designed for anybody who likes playing musical instruments but is tired of the usual assortment. While it’s not the most diverse instrument in playing songs and various notes, it produces a very harmonious and ambient tone that can be quite enjoyable.

If you are a practitioner of yoga, meditation, Buddhism, spiritual healing, chakra healing, or anything else of the sort, a Tibetan singing bowl like this can complement your practices.

Moreover, even if you are not musically or spiritually inclined, the DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl is still a great decorative piece.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl, you get a black and gold painted singing bowl, or there are multiple colors to choose from, each of which features a base color, such as black or blue, with golden writing.

Included with this singing bowl, you also get the striker, as well as a hand-sewn anti-dampening pillow. Considering everything that comes with the DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl, it’s one of the most affordable.

Overview of Features

One of the things that you may like about the DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl is that it comes in so many different colors. Not only does this mean that you can match the décor in your home, but you can choose the one that you like the most.

These Tibetan singing bowls are made of relatively high-quality metal, so they should be durable enough. However, they are not handmade, so this only goes so far.

Although it should last through regular use, it’s not something that you can drop on the ground and expect to survive.

Playing the DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl is very easily done with the included striker. This produces quite a calming and harmonious sound that lasts for a while after the striker has been removed.

To top it off, you also get a hand-sewn anti-dampening pillow for the singing bowl to rest on that. It allows it to produce maximum vibrations and reverberations to ensure maximum volume and hold time for the tone. All in all, considering the low price, it’s something to think about.


Playing a Tibetan singing bowl is not very difficult, but if you expect them to produce the loud and relaxing sounds they are known for, you need to use the proper technique. Here, we have included a tutorial on how to get started with your Tibetan singing bowl.


  • Very nice tone
  • Loud for its small size
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Looks very nice
  • Striker and pillow included
  • It can be used for many purposes


  • Limited durability
  • The paint will chip with prolonged use


Maybe the DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl is not enough for you. Perhaps you like these singing bowls so much that you want two of them.

If you want an inexpensive set of two, check out the MyShape Time Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set.

Of course, many other excellent instruments can be used for musical and spiritual purposes alike, with a djembe such as the Jerusalem Imports Djembe Drum being a superb option.


As you can see, if you are looking for a simple, beautiful, and affordable Tibetan singing bowl that works and doesn’t take much effort to play, the DharmaObjects Tibetan Singing Bowl makes a rather perfect choice.

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