Steel Tongue Drum Reviews

Steel Tongue Drum

Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review

Tone Tribe has done something very interesting indeed…They have designed their drums by focusing on the major keys corresponding to the 7 main chakras. Tone Tribe says they wanted to focus on the heart chakra with this drum and chose the key of F for that purpose. Tone Tribe Steel Tongue Drum Buy… Continue reading Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review

Playing tongue drum close up

7 Best Steel Tongue Drums in 2021

Tongue drums are sorely underrated and aren’t particularly common, yet they have recently gained popularity. It’s a shame, as tongue drums feature a unique sound, unlike any other instrument. They are simple to play, even if you don’t have a musical education. If you want to own this fascinating percussion piece but don’t know which… Continue reading Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review

Best Steel Tongue Drums

5 Best Steel Tongue Drums for Beginners in 2021

One of the great things about playing music is its diversity, as evidenced by the vast array of musical instruments. Wind, brass, keyboards, guitar, string, and percussion – and within each group) are many individual instruments. One example is with percussion and its many drums. One drum in particular especially popular with beginners is the… Continue reading Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review

Regis Steel Tongue Drum

Regis Steel Tongue Drum Review

When it comes to percussion instruments, steel tongue drums are unique. There is no denying that this type of drum looks fantastic, and moreover, it can produce many different notes while being easy to play. If you are interested in finding a steel tongue drum, maybe something suitable for beginners, you have come to the… Continue reading Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review

Rakumi Steel Tongue Drum

Rakumi Steel Tongue Drum Review

Suppose you are into spiritual music, like to meditate, jam music with your friends, or are interested in various percussion instruments. In that case, you might want to check out steel tongue drums. These are relatively old drums used for many purposes – spiritual, religious, and musical alike. They come in many types and sizes.… Continue reading Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review

Moukey Steel Tongue Drum

Moukey Steel Tongue Drum Review

Steel tongue drums are quite old; they are used in many parts of the world, serving various purposes. They can guide spiritual journeys, be used for psychological and meditative purposes, and are often used for religious and tribal ceremonies. Of course, it’s a musical instrument, so it can be used whenever music is being played,… Continue reading Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review

Lomuty Steel Tongue Drum

Lomuty Steel Tongue Drum Review

There is nothing more diverse than the steel tongue drum when it comes to percussion instruments having an extensive range of tones and sounds. These are drums that are often used for spiritual and meditative purposes, such as for yoga and other religious uses, but can also be used for basic musical purposes. That said,… Continue reading Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review

Happybuy Steel Tongue Drum

Happybuy Steel Tongue Drum Review

You may have never heard of steel tongue drums, but it’s an instrument you can enjoy hearing as you play it. There are plenty of percussion instruments, but in terms of the many tones and sounds steel tongue drums can produce, it’s one of the most versatile drum types. Moreover, these drums are often used… Continue reading Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review

Giamrs Steel Tongue Drum

Gimars Steel Tongue Drum Review

If you are just getting into the world of musical instruments, finding one that you can really wrap your head around and play without too much experience is difficult. This is why so many people quit playing instruments – because it is just too hard. That said, there are some excellent instruments that are ideal… Continue reading Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review

Asmuse Steel Tongue Drum

Asmuse Steel Tongue Drum Review

If you are a musician, like finding out about different cultures, like trying out new instruments, and want to add a spiritual element to your life, you might want to look into getting a steel tongue drum. Drums like this are really cool because you can often play many different notes on various scales, they… Continue reading Tone Tribe Tongue Drum Review